Since inception, Centimex has been totally focused on creating performance management Champions.

The Centimex PIC system turns all HR teams into highly skilled performance improvement culture change specialists. They make the teams in all operational and support staff departments committed to continuously highlighting opportunities to reduce the costs and increase the productivity of all the outputs and services that they are responsible for producing or providing. It is the responsibility of HR teams to turn every team in all operational and support staff Departments into performance improvement champions.

The Costing Feature

The Centimex PIC system downloads into the HR Department’s costing ledger all the direct costs of all the outputs and services every operational and support staff team produces or provides. HR teams are also establishing with the assistance of their Finance Department team and their Purchasing Department team for continuously improving the accuracy of all the direct costs of their outputs and services. Furthermore, HR Department teams are responsible for progressively highlighting all the indirect costs of every departmental team’s outputs and services and getting agreement from their Finance Department to inserting these indirect costs into the HR Department’s costing ledger. The final responsibility of the Costing Feature is to up-date every departmental team’s costs at the end of work every Friday that Finance, Purchasing, and HR Departmental staff have changed during the course of the week.

​The App:


The Centimex PIC App system downloads from the Centimex PIC cloud data base all departmental costs and performance data into the Smart Phone or iPads of every departmental team leader. The team leader’s Apps incorporate the Centimex performance improvement “what if” analytical system, as well as the Centimex monthly Departmental Management accounting system. The App system incorporates, into the monthly Departmental Management accounting system for each Department, the bottom-line cost and performance changes that have resulted from performance improvements implemented by departmental teams and the name of each departmental team.

The Reward:

The Centimex PIC system incorporates a departmental team-based reward system the extent of which is based on the bottom-line cost changes that resulted from the successfully implemented performance improvements identified by departmental teams. If organisations interested in implementing the PIC system don’t want initially to out a monetary Gain-Share other reward systems can be given but from experience the success of the PIC system will depend on a monthly financial reward.

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