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Since inception, Centimex has been totally focused on creating performance management Champions.

What is Centimex

The Centimex system turns all middle and lower echelon teams into performance improvement champions

In today's Covid 19 world, when many organisations are grappling with cash problems, the Centimex system is the only management system on the market that will start significantly reducing the operating costs of all types of outputs and services produced and provided by all private and public sector organisations.


In achieving this, it incorporates a unique culture change system that turns all middle and lower echelon teams into performance improvement champions. This ensures that they are continuously focusing on reducing the costs and increasing the productivity of all their outputs and services, because the Centimex system incorporates a team based top down costing system, as well as a bottom up costing system and neither of these two vitally important costing system appear in any ERP or Management costing system world-wide.

The culture change that the Centimex system brings about will transform the Work environment in every organisation that purchases an annual Centimex License.

The Centimex costing features

What makes the Centimex system so unique is that it incorporates two costing features that don’t appear in any management system in the world. The first, shows every team the top down costs they incur in producing every month all the outputs and services they produce and provide. Until the implementation of the Centimex system, this team based top down cost data has not appeared in any costing system. Centimex’s second costing system shows all the indirect costs that dictate the full costs of every output and service that are produced and provided by every team. These monthly team based indirect costs, as well as the monthly top down team costs, do not appear in any ERP or Management costing system and so currently no manager or their executives have any idea what the full cost of all their teams outputs and services are. All indirect costs include the costs of all the inefficiency and waste, as well as time wasting that goes on at team level.

The Centimex software features

This has three features. Firstly all the top down and bottom up cost  data is downloaded into SAP’s ERP software costing system in every organisation that purchases an annual Centimex License. If organisations don’t have a SAP ERP software system, they are encouraged to do so. This data is then downloaded into SAP’s Cloud based data bank and finally, it is downloaded further into Centimex’s App data bank.   

The App features

This has three features. Firstly, it places all the personalized cost data that has been downloaded from the SAP’s Cloud based data bank into every team leader’s App system. Secondly a six monthly personalized performance improvement challenging system is built into every team leader’s App, which ensures every team is continuously searching to identify more and more performance improvement opportunities. Finally, every team leader’s App data is then downloaded in every team leaders Smart Phone and iPad.

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