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In Good Hands

Dundee Hospital

Performance improvement ideas that were implemented:

  • Changed Glove policy

  • Changed layout of Central store 

  • Removing raw sugar from boats on the Thames and Clyde

  • Changed of TPN bag supplier 

  • Led to minimizing sugar and water wastage

  • Changed operating systems and work practice change in reception and admin departments

  • Packaging refined sugar

  • Improved working relationships between managers and doctors and middle and lower echelon staff              

  • Improved working relationships between managers and Refinery staff

Over the twelve months following the implementation of the Centimex system, operating costs went down by 27% 

Empty Factory

Tate and Lyle

Examples of innovative ideas coming from front line staff and the saving they resulted in:

  1. 81 innovative ideas implemented in year 1

  2. Saving of £1,2 million achieved due to performance improvement in one refinery

  3. £300,000 saved a year on one idea that addressed bacteria removal from the sugar

  4. £400,000 annual saving in the Handling Department, with 21 innovative ideas put forward, 11 completed in the year.  These saving covered £100,000 in efficiency, £40,000 in cutting back on spares and £13,000 in making plant improvements.

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